Foundation Pilings

We supply nearly any size or length of treated found pilings nationwide.  For a quote, complete the form on the right or call 1 (866) 461-8707.

Round or Square Foundation Pilings

Order round or square foundation pilings of nearly any length or dimensions.  We maintain one of the widest selections of round and square foundation pilings in the industry.

Round pilings are stocked in lengths from 8 feet to 50 feet and longer are available on order. Square pilings are commonly available in dimensions from 6x6-28' to 12x12-44'.  Other dimensions are available with special request.

Most of the foundation pilings we supply are treated Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) because of its excellent properties including strength to weight ratio, straightness, and low cost.  Other species are available upon request.

To get a quote, complete the form on the right or call 1 (866) 461-8707.

Pilings Treated for Ground or Marine Use

Your pilings can be treated to nearly any retention level.  The most common treatment is CCA but other piling treatments, such as creosote or ACQ, are available upon request.  While the most common CCA retention levels are .60pcf and 2.5pcf, your foundation pilings can be treated to any level between .40 and 2.5pcf.  Simply tell us what you need.

Polymer Coating for Additional Longevity

Double the life of your treated foundation pilings with our amazing polymer coating.

The special poly coating is designed to bind to wood, encapsulating it and providing unmatched protection from moisture, termites, barnacles, shipworms, and other destructive forces.  Imagine the savings in materials and future with foundation pilings that last twice as long as normal pilings.

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