industrial wood products

Industrial Wood Products

We distribute and produce custom industrial wood products for nearly any project or application. Complete the form on the right or call 1 (866) 461-8707 to discuss your project and get a quote. 

custom wood support saddlesPrimary Industrial Wood Products

Our main industrial wood product lines include: 

Made to Order

industrial wood products drawingsYour custom industrial wood products will be made to your specifications based on your drawings, plans, or descriptions.  If you need CAD drawings we can have them made or, in some cases, develop them for you in-house.  We can also help you procure engineered drawings if needed.

Delivered Ready to Install

In many cases, our nearly endless production capabilities enable us to deliver your wood components ready-to-install.  You can imagine the savings you can recoup in on-site labor, equipment rentals, and flexibility when your main wood components are delivered pre-cut, pre-drilled, chamfered, beveled, or whatever you need.

Protective Polymer Wood Coating

Our special polymer wood coating is available on nearly all wood components.  The unique polymer coating is applied with special equipment at high temperatures and under pressure to bind to the wood for protection that can easily double the life of your wood components in most situations.

Call (866) 461-8707 or complete the form on the right to discuss your requirements. Our project consultants will work with you by phone, fax, and email to share plans and drawings to build your products to your specifications.